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Master Paul Melella Jr.

Master Paul Melella

Master Melella is a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo and a former National Level Competitor, coach and an avid practitioner. He has been training since 1982 and works diligently to share his specialized knowledge and passion with as many people as he can. He continues to train daily and is under the tutelage of Grandmaster Byung Min Kim where he visits him on a weekly basis. Grandmaster Kim has taught Master Melella to train everyday and continue to grow as a Martial Artist and leader. He believes that as we get older, we will improve as long as we continue to train consistently and regularly. That is the same message he would like to send to all of the UMAC students.

Master Melella Jr. began his training at the age of seven years old. He had a challenge with a childhood bully that lived on his block, rode the same school bus and was in the same 3rd grade class as him. After months of being bullied, his mother enrolled him in a Martial Arts school. Secretly training in the art of Tae Kwon Do for six months, he was confronted once again by his childhood bully. After trying to avoid the situation, he finally had the confidence to stand up to the bully. That bully never picked on him ever again, but ironically became his childhood best friend and later Master Melella became the best man in his wedding. Master Melella uses that experience as a driving force to help other children become self-confident so they are not “easy targets” for bullies.

Master Melella’s interest for Martial Arts grew into a love for competition of the sport of Tae Kwon Do. Where he then became a nine-time New York State Champion, Junior Olympic National medalist and competed on an international level with his lifelong training partners Master Chris Berlow and Master Joe Badini. Master Melella’s sparring competition career ended with an unfortunate car accident which resulted to a back injury. Still having a love for Martial Arts, he then began teaching children and adults as an employee for his previous instructor. He not only had a love for Martial Arts, but found a passion for teaching, coaching and helping others achieve their goals. By the time he was eighteen he was managing and operating a martial arts business for his Instructor while still being a full time student. Master Melella decided to leave his managing position as the head instructor at the location he was operating to pursue his education.

Even though his dream was to become a Martial Arts Master and school owner since the age of eleven, he wanted to get a degree in education. He left his family, his students, and the martial arts school he was operating for over a year to get his degree. Unfortunately, the martial arts school lost over one hundred members since his absence. Even more devastating was a phone call he received from his father telling him that his younger brother Anthony was losing interest in his Martial Arts training. He decided to leave college and move back home and train his younger brother. He was offered his position as manager back at the Martial Arts location and began training his brother Anthony. That year, Anthony won a gold medal and became an Olympic Junior National champion. He then coached him to consecutive Junior and Adult National Championships and traveled to Spain, Mexico, Korea and Turkey for international Championships. Later that year he had the opportunity to purchase the Martial Arts School from his Instructor.

Starting his school nearly from scratch, with only thirty members, and with the help of one of his Martial Arts mentors Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella, he was able to reach number one ranked Martial Arts school Program in the country. Paul since then has been featured in Martial Arts World Magazine as an “Emerging Leader” in the Martial Arts Professional Industry.

He is a business trainer and personal development coach helping professionals improve their personal and professional lives. He is also one of the founders of Empowered Mastery Consultants which is a company made up of four entrepreneurs that bring their own unique talents, abilities and business experiences together for the common vision to inspire and impact professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve ULTIMATE success personally, professionally, spiritually and physically so they can live a life of passion and purpose.

Master Melella is the Co-author of the bestselling book "YOU Have Infinite Power", the creator of Master Melella's Bully Proof Program and the author of the children's book, "Qualities of a Black Belt Leader".

40 under 40

Each year Master Melella donates over $20,000 of scholarships to local schools so children can benefit from his martial arts and leadership character development programs. He donates his personal time to travel to local schools to educate children and faculty about bullying and developing leadership.

His school, UMAC Carmel has won numerous national awards including, "School of the Year" and “Top Ten Martial Arts School”, by industry organizations. In 2013 he was nominated for Putnam County’s “40 Under 40 Trailblazers Award", a prestigious award honoring young professionals in Putnam County who demonstrate exemplary leadership and who pave the way for others to follow.

Master Melella is married to his wife Gina Melella since 2000 who is an active Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing Instructor. They have two children; Kiahna Isabel and Pierce Michael.

Master Melella’s Life’s Purpose:

To be an inspirational leader. To enjoy a healthy - vital life of love, gratitude, passion and contribution. I will do this by living my life to its full potential, leading by example and sharing my specialized knowledge. I will do this for myself, my family and the students I teach.